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Elvis Presley 4 DVD´s



Elvis Presley DVD 1:

Featuring: Rare live footage from the fifities and seventies, newsreels, interviews, amateur footage, TV spots some never available on DVD before + well over 200 rare and wonderful images.
Highlights Include
1) 9/26/56 Tupelo show excerpts with sound - 9/27/57 Tupelo benefit excerpts
2) 3/28/57 Chicago Police film excerpts

3) Army Newsreels / rare footage of Paris press conference / Army photos
4) Rare filmed interview footage of Elvis on train Florida for Sinatra special.
backstage meeting with Bobby Darin, complete Graceland press conference
5) Over 200 lobby/promo photos from all of Elvis' films
6) lost cut "nude' Charro scene
7) 9/4/72 complete Hilton press conference - rare Aloha Show commercial cut-ins
8) Houstom Astrodome footage of Elvis riding jeep (amateur footage) + concert excerpts - Pontiac, Michigan New Years Eve show excerpts (amateur footage) -
Elvis In Concert TV spot + hidden extras and MUCH MUCH MORE.....

Elvis Presley DVD 2:

Featuring Elvis last concert on June 26 1977 at the Market Square Arena

A 50 min. show culled from the 8mm footage taken that night and edited together in an incredible document of Elvis' last show. (

not to be confused with the CBS shows - this is completley different footage! - with sound


Electryfying live footage from the 50's, The 8mm June Juanico films, 2 rare trailers,

1992 promo short for the CBS FOX videos

More rare footage

: army induction/ Potomac presentation / Elvis visits the International Hotel construction site and fantastic stills.

Elvis Presley DVD 3:

A new Elvis experience: Elvis On Tour Special Edition at almost 3 hours. This expanded version adds outakes not in the original film: you get more rehearsals, interviews and live footage.
And by popular demand in this edition, the infamous XXX comments made by Elvis in his limousine and backstage on tour. Fully chapter menued..

Elvis Presley DVD 4:

This DVD features 2 great rare live concert footage. Elvis live in Omaha July 1, 1974 and live in Burmingham December 29, 1976.


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