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Elvis The Ultimate Graceland Tour 2 DVD´s

Elvis Presley´s Graceland 2 DVD´s


Captured in incredible, breathtaking detail, this 75-Minute Virtual Tour even takes you behind the scenes to places visitors cannot go. 

Coupled with rare footage and photos of Elvis and his family, it traces the remarkable path of a poor child from rural Mississippi who became the most popular entertainer of all time while offering an inside view of life in the one place Elvis always called home. 

Bonus Features Include:  Private "Backstage" Tour of the Graceland Archives, Elvis's Historic "Welcome Home from the Army" News Conference, Unedited Personal Home Movies from the Presley Family, And More! 

With almost 90 minutes of bonus features and hundreds of photographs and documents - some of them never before seen - this 2-disc DVD set is a must have. 

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